Hi!  I’m Julie!  I’m one of the grocery buyers at the Chapel Hill store.  I’m an artist, a cat mom and an avid traveler.  I’m involved in planning the Berlin Bazaar which is something I’m so incredibly proud of.  I’ve lived in five cities in four states.  I’ve been working in health food for 16 years now and it’s such a deeply rooted part of who I am.  I was vegetarian for over ten years and went paleo about four years ago for health reasons so I try really hard to make sure we have restricted diet options at our Forum store.  

How did you become interested in natural foods?  I started working in health food when I was 21 and fell in love with herbs and healing the body without anyone else’s help.  

How long have you worked at Clover's?  Seven years in August! Wow, time flies!

What do you like about working at Clover's?  I have worked at a lot of health food stores and I think the thing I like most about working at Clovers is that I have a voice.  A lot of times in corporate stores you have no control over what happens at all and I really love how that’s not the case at Clover's.  I really do have an impact on the success of the store and that feels so good.  I get to listen to customer requests for products and actually do something about it because I have the ability to bring those products into our store.

 What are a couple of staple food items at your home?  Kale, sweet potatoes, avocados, Majestic sprouted hummus, Cassava Crunch chips!

Do you take any supplements?  Oh man.  Do I?  You have no idea.  My every day staples are Evening Primrose Oil, Probiotics (I love the Clovers brand), and some Holy Basil.  I also have about 20-30 other things that I rotate in as I see fit.  

What keeps you active?  Do you have an exercise routine?  Kickboxing and running are my favorites, but I’m also getting really into HIIT workouts too!  

What inspires you outside of work?  Art!  I own and run my own business on the side sewing bags and that occupies my time and totally inspires me!  I’m also an avid traveler.  My husband and I love going on trips and try to plan one big trip a year.

What's your favorite book? Movie?  Movies: You’ve Got  Mail,  Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, Pride and Prejudice, Band Baaja Baaraat, When Harry Met Sally.

Who was your favorite band in high school?  I LOVED Bjork…..S O  M U C H.

If you use body care items, what's your favorite?  I have dyed my hair with Naturtint hair color for over ten years and I love it!  I have switched over to using natural body care products completely, but I’ve also been working in health food for 15 years so it’s taken time to get there!  I love knowing that what I’m putting on my skin isn’t hurting me.

What's your go-to fast and easy healthy meal when you're in a rush?  Carrots, hummus and half of an avocado.

Many Clover's employees have been with Clover's for a long time.  Why do you think that is?  See number 3. Having an impact on the success of the store is SUCH a motivator for me.  

Tea or coffee?  Coffee!  Iced coffee!  With full fat coconut milk!!

Do you have any guilty pleasures?  I LOVE Bollywood movies.  I love to watch a few a month and take a few hours to get sucked into the colors, songs and romance!  

Is there a particular area of health that you feel especially knowledgeable in?  I love helping people with digestion issues.  I’ve had digestive issues for a long time and I feel a special kinship with those people.  I also love talking to moms who have teens with acne.  I had horrible acne in high school and know now how it should have been treated as opposed to how it was (with antibiotics).  It feels really good to help a teenager out who might have just turned to prescriptions!  

What is your personal philosophy on health?  Patient, heal thyself.  

Do you have a pet?  Two adorable baby girl cats: Harriet and Little Cat.

What do you want people to know about Clover's?  We’re here!  And we care!  Come see us!