Employee Picks!




What department do you work in? Bulk Manager at Forum, buyer of the local produce, marketing, tech stuff, handyman

How long have you worked at Clovers? 6 years

If the zombie apocalypse came to Clovers, what would you do? First, lock and barricade those front doors! Then put the beacon out to our loyal customers that we are a gathering place of safety (come to the secret entrance). We would have enough food to last quite a while, which is nice. But a new leadership must arise, of which I will play a shadow role. We would need to turn the roof into a garden plot, seeding it with our Baker Creek seed supply. Also, dibs on the spicy breakfast burritos.

If Clovers was a band, what sort of sound would they have? Definitely a little dirt in the sound. A multitude of instruments and musical approaches would create a unique sound that isn’t for everyone, but fully appreciated by those folks who are open to new experiences. Also you can dance to it.

If you could work with a celebrity here at Clovers, who would it be? Weird Al would be pretty fun, and I think he’d fit right in. Or if we could have the disembodied voice of Robert Stack making announcements over the speakers, that would be neat.

If you could open a Clovers location anywhere in the world, where would you choose? Hmm, maybe a mobile operation! We could have organic food distribution contacts all over the world, traveling around spreading unique organic foods to wherever we wanted to travel! Yeah, I’m going to do that 

Russ is a father of two, a musician (check out his band, The Meanwells, here), and a lover of the great outdoors. Learn EVEN MORE about Russ here!!!