Employee Picks!





How long have you worked at Clovers?  7 years in August

What the department do you work in and/or anything you specialize in? I am one of the grocery buyers at the Forum store, but I’ve worked in natural foods for 16 years and used to be a body care and supplement buyer.  I know a lot about teen acne, food allergies and intestinal health issues.  I follow a paleo diet so I know quite a bit about what we sell that paleo folks can eat too!

If Clovers was a tv show, what would it be like?  Maybe an old school one like Party of Five or Melrose Place.  I feel like we definitely have a family vibe, but everyone has a lot going on outside of work too so there’s a sense of mystery and drama too. 

If money or space or time was no matter, what would be your “Dream Clovers” look like?  A food truck, grocery delivery, online grocery ordering and a full scale food prep department!

When Julie isn’t making Clovers wonderful, she’s at work creating pieces for her company YONDER! She crafts waxed canvas totes, wallets, bags, and screen prints tea towels, t-shirts, and pillows with her husband! She also curates and organizes the Berlin Bazaar with fellow Clovers employee, Nikki. The Berlin Bazaar is a craft fair held on September 9, 2017 at Cafe Berlin (more info on that soon to come!).